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Juicy Oven Roasted Chicken

Roast ChickeN

If you're looking for a juicy bird, you know to avoid Turkey or maybe I'm just biased because I don't enjoy it so we're doing a roast chicken for Christmas dinner this year. It's Special because a lot of people will be eating this and it has to cater to the very many needs of meat lovers. no one likes a piece of unflavoured overcooked chicken, so let me show you how to make it moist, juicy, flavourful and fresh.

Total Time 1hour 15 minutes

Prep Time 20 mins

Cook time 45mins to 1 hour

Oven Temp 180°C-220°C

marinate time 3 hours/ overnight/24 hours




  • Whole chicken

  • Onion

  • Lemon

  • Carrot

  • Rosemary

  • Neutral Oil

Dry Rub

  • Salt

  • Black Pepper

  • Garlic powder

  • Smoked paprika.

  • Chili powder

  • Chicken seasoning

  • Parsley.

For basting

  • Chicken broth/ stock and rosemary

For cleaning the chicken

  • Lemon juice and baking soda


  • Marinate your chicken overnight or for a minimum of four hours for the best flavour

  • Clean your chicken and make sure you pat dry before seasoning, so the seasoning can stick on

  • Preheat your oven before starting

  • Use a meat thermometer to avoid overcooking and ensure that the chicken is moist

  • Baste chicken while it cooks

  • Cleaning your chicken, will help remove the excess feathers and fat off of it.

  • Make sure to not cross contaminated while you clean the chicken


I’m gonna break this down into 5 major steps with minor easy to follow steps

  • Step1

  • -Prepping your chicken

  • Step 2

  • -seasoning your chicken

  • Step 3

  • -cooking your chicken,

  • Step 4

  • -allow it to rest

  • Step 5

  • -cutting and enjoying your chicken

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