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shrimp fried rice

Shrimp Fried Rice

Prep time : 10 minutes Cook time : 10 minutes Total time : 20 minutes (20 mins Only if the rice is cooked ahead of time, which I advise you to and let cool down ) Everyone around me knows I am in a very serious and invested relationship with fried rice especially shrimp fried rice because it is savoury it is seafood it is rice. The list goes on I just love it and I know you will love it too. This recipe is simple yet flavour, packed and that’s just the beauty of fried rice. It comes together so well and quickly, but it tastes amazing. mind blowing….

Ingredients : Shrimp Cooked rice Diced Onions Diced sweet peppers Sliced spring onions Grated Carrots Black pepper Vegetable oil Sesame oil Oyster Sauce Light soy sauce All purpose seasoning ( can be substituted with chicken seasoning or veggie seasoning)

Notes : do not overcook shrimp in the first half because it will finish in the second. Cook rice weigh ahead of time. Please prep before you start cooking. Cooker on high heat for maximum flavour. Do not oversalt your rice Instructions :

  1. Prep your vegetables , dice onions, bell peppers and spring onions. Separate the greens of the spring onions later for garnish

  2. Season your shrimp with black pepper and all purpose seasoning

  3. After everything is prepped get vegetable oil in a wok on high heat. A non stick wok is best.

  4. Cook shrimp for 1 and 1/2 mins on each side and then set aside. ( we set aside to prevent overcooking.)

  5. Sauté onions,peppers and whites of spring onions

  6. Season with black pepper and a pinch of all purpose

  7. Add in cooked rice and stirfry together for 30 secs

  8. Season rice with oyster sauce, all purpose and soy sauce and stirfry for 1 and 1/12 minutes

  9. Add back in cooked shrimp

  10. Add soy sauce for salt if needed

  11. Add greens of the spring onions

  12. Finish with Sesame oil

Thank you for taking time reading this blog post. I hope you try this recipe and to stay updated and be notified for new recipes, sign up for the free news letter.

Budget friendly and beginner friendly also health caution round here. Love to you all

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