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Fried chicken

Did you know fried chicken is soul food? Yeah it’s something really big on the soul menu. These fried tenders have me rethinking of every chicken shop, because it’s just as good, crunchy, savoury and if not better


Seasoning for chicken;

Onion powder

Garlic powder

Smoked paprika.

Chili powder

All purpose seasoning.

Cajun seasoning.

Whole milk

Lemon juice

Plain flour

vegetable oil

Chicken breast

For dipping;

Barbecue sauce Sweet chilli sauce

I used about 3 table spoons of each seasoning listed above

You can make this for friends family any game day, a quick snack or fry some chips and call it lunch


1. Clean and slice your chicken breast into chicken tenders by slicing them the long way

2. Make a dry rub with the seasonings above and split that into 2 portions

3. Pour half of the dry rub unto the chicken and let that marinade for an hour or two.

4. Pour some whole milk and lemon juice Just enough to cover the chicken and use a fork to pierce the chicken to absorb all of the seasoning.

5. Drain the chicken from the buttermilk mixture after it has marinated for a few hours.

6. Pour the seasoning that you reserved in step 2 into some plain flour and thoroughly coat your chicken to ensure every side is covered.

7. Shake the excess flour of and get it ready for deep frying

8. Heat up some vegetable oil or any oil of choice till it is piping hot.

9. Gently drop the chicken tenders into the hot oil and ensure not too overcrowded oil as the temperature will drop which will lead to soggy chicken.

( I recommend frying about six pieces at a time in a large pan) adjust your pot and pan with the oil

10. Fry for about 7 minutes and then remove from the oil and drain on a paper towel or a rack.

11. Let the chicken cook down for a minute or two and then it is ready.

Note : Adjust seasonings to test if needed

Thank you for taking the time to read this recipe. I hope you try it and enjoy it. Love to you and I’ll see you the next one

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