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“Hope is the fuel that the jet needs on the journey to success”

What is hope?

You know this word, you’ve heard this this word a million times, it’s not a strange word to you, you can spell it, it is simple yet it’s not! You know you should have hope or at least you feel you should.

When I mention the word “hope” one of the first thing that comes up is the feeling of obligation to “have it” and for some people It’s even the guilt of not being “hopeful

Yeah, just this word alone and stirs up so many emotions. Not even used in a sentence just the mere mention “HOPE”.

For me when I hear the word, sometimes I’m reminded of what I can have to keep me keeping on and other times it pulls my head straight down to the ground and it takes me deep in thought.

I’m here today to say a few words, hoping this will not leave you the same I want one or two things; I want your perspective to change or I want a flame to start burning on the inside of you. And if a flame is too big a flicker will do for now.

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen or to simply put it It is a feeling of trust.

I don’t know about you, but I want a great life like an adventure….think of the unreal…a fulfilling mind blowing out of this world adventure in love,in fun, riding the waves and a rollercoaster at the same time that’s what I want for me. I want my human experience to be great. Going back down memory lane to when I was innocent and I wasn’t tainted by adulthood, independence, depression and anxiety and worries of life, all I ever wanted was good and I still want good. And I need my hope to come alive again because if not life’s just NOT gonna happen the way I want it to :(. Hope is the fuel that the jet needs on the journey to success. Hope is your reason to believe even when the stats say a resounding NO🗣️

Hope, it’s a feeling of expectation and a desire for a particular thing to happen…………..or

It’s also a feeling of trust

And success means something different for everybody. My definition is not your definition, but I hope it all comes down to good. Success for me is being happy and making the people around me Happy, being myself authentically without inhibition, being an example and inspiration to people who are watching…that is success to me.

“My Hope was Stolen”

I was bullied when I was younger Yeah, that situation was a disguise for my Hope to die.

I want a lot of things in this life. But life might have other plans for me. And when I was younger and life kicked me down, I stayed down for too long. But after so long being down and one too many bad days  I got sick and I got tired and I decided what would happen if I don’t let life get the upper hand…dare to see what would happen if I opposed to my opposition.

I didn’t just lose hope along the way it’s been stolen burgled time and again. Life has a funny way of trying to get you back to square one.

I am a man of faith, and in my religion(way of life) there is a quote that says hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life. The absence of hope in your life is an appalling state. And I know this not just from an ancient book but from personal experience, where my hope level was zero, and my desire for existence was also zero.

“Pushing back against the odds”

Even after you fall, your legs and hands Still work . If you’re ever knocked off centre, take a minute stay down and know that’s not where you’re supposed to be, but it is where you are now.

Where you are now does not define you rather it positions you for a pivot. Pivot means to completely

change the way you do something.

The statistics are against you and discouraging BUT the reason why it looks like you can’t do it is because you haven’t done it yet! Take a minute to think about this.

But once you do it you set a new tone, you set a new normal in your family and for people who relate and look like you, you change the statistics and you let life know what you have on the inside.

You lost your hope and you want to get it back , or you don’t even know it’s gone. You don’t know how to get it and you don’t know where it’s gone. I wanna let you know that you may have lost some of it but Hope is like a tree so yes some of the branches and leaves may have a fallen off but that’s the thing every tree started as a seed and roots that run so deep down inside of you that no matter how much of the external is gone, the seed can never ever be gone for good.

It is still inside of you and it needs to be watered so she can sprout again.

So to have hope again today, It starts with a choice and the choice is for YOU TO WANT IT; To want to be the person who has who has hope,  Paint this picture in your head…..How beautiful is that :)

And not  just want it but to know how bad It will be without it that you have no other choice, but to hold onto it in a positive manner.

~TruthMustWin or Benjamin O.

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Can’t wait to take you to therapy through words again:) …..

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1 Comment

Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart
Jul 02, 2023

Wow! You took me on a journey of emotions. it took me back to what I hope for what was lost. thank you for your authenticity and transparency!

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